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Institute Of Business Management and Rural Development (IBMRD), Ahmednagar is one of the oldest and permanently affiliated Management Institute catering to the need of rural masses as scripted by our visionary forefather Late Dr.VithalraoVikhePatil Padmashree Awardees. Moreover, we are glad to inform you that our institute is accredited by NAAC with A grade. In addition to this our institute has received the Educational Leadership award by Dewang Mehta Foundation. Further we are proud to inform you that IBMRD has the privilege to be among the few self financed institutes to be recognized under section 2(f) and 12(B) by University Grants Commission. It is an Institute of repute with a philosophy of imparting quality management education and inculcating values for fair competition and social responsibility amongst the trainees since 1986.

IBMRD celebrates talent and knowledge with B-schools & with each passing year we get a chance to host a variety of events for various B-Schools and to witness some spectacular skills and flare of students.Continuing this tradition,

IBMRD is hosting inter college competition title “SPANDANMEX-2017” on 22nd & 23rd of the February 2017.


Spandan aims to Motivate and inspire youth to help students and young professionals to dream big and blossom their dream towards right path to make India proud. Also it inculcates the skill of event management along with creating interest and awareness among today’s generation about the working culture and its importance. This will also provide enriching experience for all of the participants to strive relentlessly towards developing cultural and social values among students.

"Youth Skill India"

As we strongly believe that only the ‘Skilled Youth’ can be the master key for prosperous India. Together we can provide the platform for students from rural area to develop their proficiencies & to mould their superb wings.

Course Of IBMRD

  • MCA

    Master of Computer Application. MCA is a post graduate course in computer application.MCA is a 3-years course with 6 semister.The final semister is dedicated to project and job training.The course is also designed to match the requirements of IT companies

  • MBA

    The Master of Business Administration is a graduate degree sought by those looking to hone their skill for business career.MBA core courses introduce to business topics,such as accounting,operation management,finance,human resources and management information system.

  • Ph.D.Research Center

    We are proud to announce that, IBMRD is now SPPU's recognized Research Center for PhD in Management Science. Main aim of Research center is to expand educational opportunity for all research scholars with high qualityinfrastructure facility students through high-level research and analysis.




NAAC accredited 'A' grade with 3.11 CGPA


Recognition of Institute under the section 2(f) & 12(B) of UGC Act,1956


Permanently Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University and Approved by AICTE New Delhi.


"Savitribai Phule Pune University best Institute award-2017"


Recipient ofthe 21st Dewang Mehta B -School Award for Education Leadership.


  • The basic theme of the event is to imagine as if you are a brand ambassador, and you have to endorse the brand.

  • Participants will have to type the codes with switched off monitors.


    Rule & Regulation
  • In this you have to create new innovation product/art from given materials.


    Rule & Regulation
  • In this you have to create new innovation product/art from given materials.The topic/Subject for this will be given on spot.

    logo Design

    Rule & Regulation
  • Poster presentation on any of following topic: E-Business, Digital India, Cashless Benefits, Skill India, Indian Economy.

    Poster Presentation

    Rule & Regulation
  • You have to give solution for any agriculture problem & you have to present your PPT in front of judges.


    Rule & Regulation
  • College will be provide material & on the spot topic will be given.

    Collage Competition

    Rule & Regulation
  • No re-entry and spot entry will be there. Each qualifying match will be of 3 over’s after that playoffs match will be of 4 over’s.

    Box Cricket

    Rule & Regulation
  • Advertisement of your favorite topic & time of 4-5 mins will be given perform.

    Ad-Mad Show

    Rule & Regulation
  • Either Individual or group can perform dance .The time given for every performance will be not more than 6 minutes.

    Dance (Solo & Duet)

    Rule & Regulation
  • These are what we call as minute to win it games. In this you will get a funny task & you have to complete it within one minute.

    One minute Games

    Rule & Regulation
  • The match shall consist of the best of 3 games.To win a game by a margin of two points. play each game to score 6 points meaning the first player to reach 6 points is the winner


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Scedule Of Event Compitition 2017

Sr.No Event Date Time Co-Ordinator
1 Registration 22-02-2017 09:30AM To 10:00AM Dhokale Amol:9130056653
Bargaje Ashok:9960967110
2 Inaguration 22-02-2017 10:00AM TO 11:00AM Divane Apurva
Soniss Pratiksha
Thevarkar Vidya
3 AD-SELFIE 22-02-2017 11:15AM TO 12:15PM Kodre Sayli
Bang Vaishnavi:9764870224
Patole Ankita
4 C BLIND PROGRAMMING 22-02-2017 11:15AM TO 12:15PM Kharade sominath-7756945841
Narwade Sanjay-9623568023
5 DIY (DO IT YOUR SELF) 22-02-2017 12:15PM TO 01:15PM Misal Satish-9764870224
Mule Adity -9545764564
6 WEB DESIGINING/LOGO DESING & CATCH LINE 22-02-2017 02:15PM TO 03:15PM Shelke Rajendra-9921260934
Gite Akshay-9960065626
7 Poster Presentation 22-02-2017 02:15PM TO 03:15PM Kalbande Prashant-9822187621
Kundan Rasal-7775013106
8 Rural-Le-Cart 22-02-2017 03:30PM TO 04:30PM Divane Apurva:7756945841
Soniss Pratiksha
Thevarkar Vidya
9 Collage Compititions 23-02-2017 10:00AM TO 11:00AM Vrushali Zine
Karale Swati
Yogita Ambade:9623568023
Karale Swati
10 Box Cricket 22-02-2017 11:15AM To 01:15PM Mule Amol-9096085585
Bhutekar Shubham-8793073366
Jadhav Vijay-9860303092
11 Ad-Mad Show 23-02-2017 12:15AM TO 01:15PM Shrinivas Khade-9503861045
Ashok Bargaje-9960967110
12 Dance Compitition(Solo & Duet) 23-02-2017 02:15PM TO 04:15PM Bhusari Sunil-8446624181
Tekale Shivani
Dhokale Amol-9130056653
13 One minute Games 23-02-2017 02.15 pm to 04.15 pm Bhusari Sunil-8446624181
Lahamage Sambhaji-9421577574
14 Badminton 23-02-2017 12.15 pm to 01.15 pm Walake Sandip-8888184476
Pawar Swapnil-9730696282
15 Valedictory 23-02-2017 04:15PM TO 05:00PM Akash Wandre

Student Committee for Spandan Mex 2017

Sr.No Student Comittee Member Contact Number
1 Sanjay Narwade 9623568023
2 Nikhil Dalvi 8237373782
3 Lahamge Sambhaji 9421577574
4 Sunil Bhusari 8446624181
5 Vidya Thevarkar
6 Tambe Rahul 9763115664
7 Chitalkar Suraj 9730323773
8 Mahendra kawde 9561977755
9 Shrinivas Khade 9960967110
10 Swapnil Pawar 9730696282
Sr.No Student Comittee Member Contact Number
11 Amol Wankhede 7709936810
12 Niharika Nikumbh
13 Kharade Sominath 7756945841
14 Vrushali Zine
15 Mule Amol 9096085585
16 Khushboo Bhati 9272906626
17 Misal Satish 9764870224
18 Revadkar Sachin 9970020054
19 Tak Krushna 9822978592
20 Sarsar Rahul 9970357001

Benefits for Sponsors of the Inter collegiate competition

Sponsorship Name: Title Sponsorship of Spandan MEX
Amount (in Rs.): 75,000
  • Full coverage on banners/Promotion material/Certificate/Advertisement of sponsoring organization is allowed.
  • Joint promotion along with organizers, before, during and after the event.
  • Sponsor ad in program.
  • Opening and Prize distribution ceremony Guest of honor.
  • Sponsors logo on organization's website.
  • Sponsor name announced at event.
Sponsorship Nmae: Co-Sponsorship
Amount (in Rs.): 20000
  • Joint coverage on banners/Promotion material.
  • sponsors logo on organization's website
  • sponsor ad in program
Sponsorship Name: Event Sponsorship
Amount (in Rs.): 10000
  • Full coverage on banners/Promotion material/ Advertisement of sponsoring organization is allowed during Specified Event.
Sponsorship Nmae: Banner
Amount (in Rs.): 5,000
  • Banner will be displayed during entire event
  • 5 X 5
  • 3 X 3
  • 2 X 2

What Student say about us

“The way I’ve transformed positively from the start of my course has been unbelievable. At the start of my course, I thought college would allow me to involve in only academic hectic schedule, but it stimulated the practical industry environment by organizing various events ."

Prajkta Chatuphale

“I felt home and comfortable with the platform provided by the college. Which gives healthy environment where I was possessed by knowledge and ethical values in applying the current technology on the real world.”

Borkar Shankar

"I am grateful to DVVPF’s IBMRD - both the faculty and the students. They've made efforts ensuring maximum number of participants in every activities like curriculum & Extra curriculum events to encourage the students for their overall development ."

Wani Rani


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Spandanmex Winners 2016

Sr.No Event name Name of student Winner College Name Prize
1 Quize Competition Vikas Rai
Tushar Suryavanshi
First PDVVP Engi. 500
Simran Jaggi
Aashita Sahani
Second Sarada College 200
2 Collage Competition Prajakta Chatuphale
Pise Priyanka
Limkar Pooja
Shinde Prajakta
First NACS. A.Nagr 500
Rahinj Kaveri
Ashlesha Divate
Pawale Pooja
Pathare Sujata
Second IMS 200
3 Techtonic LalZare Lahu Arjun First NACS. A.Nagr 500
4 Box Cricket Chavan Vikram Baban First Kakasaheb Mhaske Medical 1000
Shaikh Atik Akabar
Ashlesha Divate
Pawale Pooja
Pathare Sujata
Second ITI Vikhe patil 500
5 Ad-Mad Show Borkar Shankar(grup) First NACS. A.Nagr 500
Second IMS 200
6 Paper Presentation Kachare Pravin
Tambe Vikas
First Sarada College 250
Gaikwad Anjali
Bhand Anay
First NACS. A.Nagr 250
Desarda Riddhi
Umbarkar prajakta
Surag Aishwarya
Second B.N.S 200
7 Rural-Le-Cart Nivdunge Trupti
Bhalerao Anay
First NACS. A.Nagr 500
Dohane Dheeraj
Lavande Pratik
Second NACS. A.Nagr 200
8 Fashion Show Wani Rani (9 Star Grup) First Women's college Kopargaon 500
9 Art Exhibition B.Sc.Agri PDVVP First NACS. A.Nagr 500
Dethe Swati Second NACS. A.Nagr 200


Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation wanted local rural youth to compete with others on equal terms and at his behest the Foundation was established in 1986 to cater to technical education. Today it boasts of a Medical College,an engineering College, a Pharmacy College , a Management Institute,Agriculture college and a English Medium School. The Foundation is registered as a charitable trust at Ahmednagar.



To create an overall learning environment, where in ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


To create, the wealth Creators.

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